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    If you’ve seen the quicktime HDV 1080i codec, this guide should help you.

    December 2007

    We purchased this and received this Quicktime footage from the supplier in Final Cut HDV 1080i. Unfortunately, Premiere, VLC, and also the Quicktime player have overlooked the fact that the codec shouldn’t be available. Unfortunately, the message does not say anything about which codecs can now do this.


    All codecs are compatible with HD, but also h.264 (i.e. HDV and DVCProHD) are definitely OS X ONLY.

    Nothing with HD Quicktime on Windows. I had a problem, unfortunately, I already recognized it. Workaround:

    Rendering video footage using h.264. Must be a pro with a Mac. At 5 MB, the material looks polished!

    Damn: (I needed the exact material yesterday, but it took almost 4 days for the post office to make a letter about 60 km: against

    Hi, now I’ve also dragged the Final Cut HD footage onto the frame from my computer. Is there really no way to see?

    For example, if I’m watching trailers at and I’m watching a 1080p HD trailer, I can select it using any of theour Quicktime players. My raw documentation also says Quicktime in the player, but I only have black video cards with sound.

    would be a real shame if there was no preference to see it.

    I couldn’t find a suitable codec: (it’s very annoying

    Annoying, the problem is that people get Apple QuickTime 5 or the patch that regulates it. but for opera I’m looking at an HDV camera and so I have to import stuff back to the super pc? – Fog

    H.264, uncompressed, Cineform, Pure Video, DnxHD, still MPEG-2, jpeg, DVC PRO HD…

    Look under QT Alternative, in connection with Media Player Classic already and you won’t have any more problems. QT how from tablet

    Who says this? Powerful Mac? it’s also suitable for SMBs simply because it works and requires IFs and GOALS.

    quicktime codec hdv 1080i

    No wonder: Quicktime 7 codecs are stolen and third parties don’t support external plug-ins. Some work, some don’t.Who probably owns. Not a base due to a stable production environment. And the approach of the Quicktime alternative is legally very dubious. They steal codecs and distribute them in their own new version. That’s not the point of using Quicktime. Therefore, it is an unacceptable medium for production.

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    Export From Apple 1080i And Prores 422HQ

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Hello!

    So this will be a very stupid interrogation -

    The festival is requesting my movie program files in Apple HD1080i and ProRes 422HQ. .
    I know who else can export uncompressed MOV files and plain AVI for internal use, but perhaps there will be a way to export the special formats they ask for? Sorry for the stupid question, but for some reason I didn't need to export these units. A bit of lost internet searches didn't make things much easiere!
    (I'm on Windows and using the 64-bit version of TVPaint 11 Pro.)

    Thank you!


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    Re: Export To 1080i And Apple Prores 422HQ

    Animator, TVPaint beta tester, animation teacher and consultant.
    MAC OS 10.14.6 15" Macbook Pro Late 2013 Retina
    2.GHz 3 Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, TVPaint PRO 11.5.3 - 64-bit
    Wacom Cintiq 21 UX, Wacom Intuos Pro total five, Wacom driver version 6.3.39-1

    For the 64-bit version, the .AVI and FFMpeg .MOV codecs are exported. So technically no, you can't export to Apple ProRes 422HQ directly from the 64-bit version of TVPaint. (Quicktime is still not 64-bit compatible and scientifically not compatible with Windows at all as Windows users were first advised to uninstall Quicktime due to security risks as Apple provides security updates for Windows Quicktime).


    The main Windows security issue is the Quicktime browser plugin and downloading Quicktime .MOV files from unknown sources and then winning with Quicktime Player on the computer.On a Windows computer. True Quicktime codecs are not a new security risk associated with using in-house employees to export your own material. So you have a way to keep the Quicktime codecs but remove the Quicktime member and the browser plug-in. To do this, follow these steps:

    quicktime codec hdv 1080i

    Download the 32-bit version of TVPaint. Your computer may have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. . . Open your project in this 32-bit version and go to File Panel > Export To > then select Quicktime and from the list of available Apple ProRes 422HQ codecs.

    But the big problem for you is that I'm better off not knowing if you can actually make an Apple ProRes 422HQ codec for Windows. (I'm here on a Mac, I don't have a Windows computer). Maybe install FFMpeg codecs for Windows

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