Sometimes your computer may throw an error indicating that the Gentoo distribution files are being cleaned up. There can be many reasons for this error to appear.

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    Hello. My distros take 4. (after 6give eclean-dist -d) and I’m pretty sure the site is slowly dying. Can I just delete everything in /var/cache/distfiles? Will the reward system fail?

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    gentoo distfiles cleanup

    Of course, you can delete all files in all directories, but if you upgrade or downgrade and reinstall the application, all files will need to be downloaded again. This is not always good as it wastes capacity, bandwidth including mirroring your servers and home connectivity.

    The best alternative is to use Eclean from the gentoolkit package.

    “eclean” is a mini-tool for removing obsolete extract files from Portage and binary packages.growth of the DISTDIR and PKGDIR directories and does not remove files that might still be useful.

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    The /usr/portage/distfiles website is the Gentoo repository for all source and download formats.

    One of Gentoo’s big advantages over other distributions is the linux source-based field system.

    gentoo distfiles cleanup

    While more popular distributions (such as Ubuntu or Fedora) are based on binary products, Gentoo packages are usually released for the target system. With this approach, features can be enabled and disabled at compile time, even multiple versions of a sentence can be installed side by side.

    The disadvantage is that many saved cache files remain in the program and are not automatically deleted, which wastes disk space.

    Easy to clear the cache and free up gigabytes of space.packages

    Portage Cache

    When this package is installed, Portage (Gentoo’s landscape manager) first saves a copy from the package’s source. what you build it from and then install, I would say, package it. By default, these typically store packages.They are found in /var/cache/distfiles, but this directory can potentially be replaced in /var/portage/make.conf. On my system, cache the accumulated files in /var/portage/distfiles.

    All cached Power code is preserved by Portage, even if the package is no longer installed. If you need to downgrade or sometimes create the current version from scratch. Start does not need to be downloaded as – before, which often speeds up the process and reduces the load on the server.

    The obstacle here is that the system accumulates for a second a large number of old source files, which in turn are no longer needed. To do this, it would be useful to keep a fake 1 or 2 versions per package instead of wasting space.

    Baobab current displays the size of most of the Distfiles folders on my system.

    A quick look at this folder (using sys-apps/baobab, sometimes known as”Disk Analyzer”) shows that in the 18 years since my system was installed, about 20 GB of source packages have been cached.

    Of course, something will remain after such cleaning, but office space can certainly be saved. and

    Install Using Eclean

    Fortunately, there is a readily available utility to clean up the update cache transfer process, eclean. Like Gentoolkit, part of eclean is evidence that people have developed to clean unnecessary transaction files, clean source code and binaries

    It is assumed that all of the following commands can be executed on the root chassis. Otherwise, each command must be prefixed with “sudo” to have superuser privileges.

    Running eclean on these source files is as easy as it is on both

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • A summary of all deleted linked files, their individual file types, and the total saved space that will be reclaimed permanently. Adding -p (or -pretend) to the end of these commands allows you to directly list files that may need to be Cleaning, making changes without changing them.

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