Recently, some users reported to us that they found out that the ieframe.dll 1 vb6 file could not be found.

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    Unexpected C:WINDOWSsystem32ieframe file: .dll1

    IRecently upgraded my Earth browser from IE6 to IE7. After I am successful

    Installation opened its engineering project in vb6. When loading the project, everything is fine

    I have an idea for the next error-related solution.

    file not found ieframe.dll 1 vb6

    Start Regedit, Edit, –> find –> ieframe.dll1, enter and edit the value, and

    Message from Atul Verma

    I recently upgraded my phone browser from ie6 to IE7. success

    Installation After I opened a project that I developed in vb6. When loaded, the project will never be

    I have an idea for a related error.

    Atulafter Verma

    I recently upgraded these web browsers from IE6 to IE7. After successful

    Installation I opened which project the group developed in vb6. project not loading

    I have an idea for a solution to this error.

    File not found ‘C:WINDOWSsystem32ieframe:.This dll1’

    usually the error occurs when updating IE to 47 or 8.

    Message mainly from Atul Verma

    I recently upgraded a great web browser from IE6 to IE7. Succeed

    Installation I opened my project started by Vb6 in. Usually they are not projected when loading

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  • I have an idea for this unique error solution.

    elementprop=”name”>VB6 Web Component – – IE7 – File not found ieframe.dll1


    When you open the Visual Basic 4 Editor, you receive a component error message:web component
    “File not found” C:Windowssystem32ieframe.Problem dll1


    this is usually generated for two reasons, doubts:
    1 without. Windows Update
    2. Update IE7

    Technical windows error:

    One of the changes in IE7 is the separation of the shell from IE native code.
    from shdocvw. library
    The original IE is just IEFrame.dll, that’s the problem

    A source:
    (Reza Nurai – NSFT)


    BUT). Edit Windows Registry

    1. Closego to Visual Basic
    2.Run “Run” > > regedit. . . . . . . .
    3. Find “ieframe.dll1” in the PC registry.
    4. Another way to find a variable is to search by importance
    (Picture 1):
    My types
    computer> hkey_classes_root> Library > EAB22AC0-30C1-11CF-A7> Ebr22AC0-30C1-11CF-A7B0> A7B0-Ebr22AC0-30C1-11CF1.1>0. 1.1>0

    Figs. 1. Records of local variables

    in 5.”1″ delete from the received key.
    B) Reinstall IE7

    1. Some Users Reported a Clean Install
    Internet Explorer replied 2 to this
    Problem. This will replace the reinstallation of ieframe.dll and shdocvw.dll.
    in this condition: original

    Source Slimmon)

    CON).You are changing the link to the visual base

    1. Open your visual project in 2 Basic
    . . . . . . . . ChangeInternet link for “Microsoft Controls”
    from ieframe.dll to shdocvw.ocx
    (look in the same folder as dem)
    3.Save and compile the project 4
    . . . . . . . . Close and reopen

    ADVERTISING). Basic visual solution of the project

    1. Open a public project and ignore errors 2
    . . . . . . . . Remove all items from the control (you must have the status
    (remember the name of the direction)
    3. Save the project and close VB.
    4. VB open and add a project, seeBUT
    5. Save the project and close it with VB.
    6.VB open and normal project, web browser
    Hold new appears
    7. Add a control to the project and rename it to
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa · A A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAA aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa them (to keep intact his regime)

    A source:

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    file not found ieframe.dll 1 vb6

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