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    Lots Of Diagnostic Information To Support Run By Microsoft

    Like A VSS Trace

    VSS Writer Failed What To Do, Restart And Re-register VSS Writer

    Corrections For Windows 2004

    VSS Error

    VSS_E_BAD_STATE (0x80042301): A work call was made while the toy was in a bad state. This indicates that the Microsoft vss framework and/or most likely some VSS freelancers are in a bad state.

    VSS_E_UNEXPECTED (0x80042302): The Shadow Online Volume Copy System (VSS) component encountered an unexpected error. VSS_E_PROVIDER_NOT_REGISTERED (0x80042304): The volume shadow copy provider is not registered on the system. The provider had a good mistake. The provider is currently unable to process the request. This may be a temporary issue. It is recommended to wait ten free minutes and try again until you come back three times. VSS_E_PROVIDER_IN_USE (0x80042307): The phantom message provider is currently in use and cannot be subscribed to. This error means that Microsoft VSS was unable to take a system snapshot of your data, and the Quick Backup application may not back up files that are exclusively open in other applications. The most common consequence of this is an error indicating that VSS is disabled on one and/or possibly multiple volumes containing part of the backup. VSS_S_ASYNC_PENDING (0x00042309): An asynchronous operation has been pending. VSS_S_ASYNC_CANCELED (0x0004230B): An asynchronous operation has been cancelled. VSS_E_VOLUME_NOT_SUPPORTED (0x8004230C): Shadow copying of volumes specified is not supported Das (0x8004230d): Target already exists. (0x80042310): vss_e_corrupt_xml_document The XML document specified is incorrect. This is either malformed XML or does not match the schema. VSS_E_INVALID_XML_DOCUMENT(0x80042311): Because the XML document is invalid. It’s either xml mangled code or an unrelated schema. On vss_e_maximum_number_of_volumes_reached (0x80042312): The maximum number of volumes reached by this operation has been reached. The volume file has been shadow copied. This is probably due to the excessive load on the volume. Try again every time the volume is not too busy. VSS_E_HOLD_WRITES_TIMEOUT (0x80042314): Provider dark timeoutand when copying, using write operations on the volume being copied. In general, this is most likely caused by excessive activity on the volume, application, or system assistant. Please try again later when the action in question lowers the volume. VSS_E_UNEXPECTED_WRITER_ERROR VSS issues many (0x80042315): Send events can be written. Wait a few seconds and try again. VSS_E_MAXIMUM_NUMBER_OF_SNAPSHOTS_REACHED (0x80042317): The maximum number of snapshots has already been reached for the specified volume. Added volume to your maximum shadow copies. The volume Specified was not added to the shadow copy of the game. Other possible reasons: There is not enough free space on the disk where the locked file was placed. Delete temporary files, empty and recycle bin, etc. is located once. Many other programs may already be using the hidden volume type to manage it. Restart your computer and try again. VSS_E_WRITER_INFRASTRUCTURE One error (0x80042318): Found in most VSS. The problem arose when contacting VSS authors. VSS_E_WRITER_NOT_RESPONDING (0x80042319): The writer did not respond to a GatherWriterStatus call. Now the writer modulecan be interrupted or blocked. VSS_E_WRITER_ALREADY_SUBSCRIBE (0x8004231A): The writer has already called the subscription function. Failed to call the subscription multiple times. Vss_e_unsupported_context (0x8004231b): The shadow copy provider of the specified shadow copy type is not running. VSS_E_VOLUME_IN_USE (0x8004231D): The specified shadow copy store membership is in use and therefore may not be deleted. VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE (0x8004231F): Not enough storage space to try to create a snapshot or snapshot store just to accommodate other snapshot data. VSS_E_REBOOT_REQUIRED (0x80042327): This operation requires a reboot after the operation. VSS_E_VOLUME_NOT_LOCAL (0x8004232D): The detected volume is not connected to your local host. VSS_E_CLUSTER_TIMEOUT (0x8004232E): While preparing a Cluster Shared Volume backup. VSS_E_WRITERERROR_INCONSISTENTSNAPSHOT (0x800423F0): The hidden content set contains only a subset of the newest volumes required for a complete backup of the selected major entry components. Vss_e_writererror_outofresources (0x800423f1): re allocationresources that were missed while processing this operation. . If the save operation is repeated, these errors may not be repeated. If the process repeats this error, it is likely to reappear. VSS_E_WRITERERROR_RECOVERY_FAILED (0x800423F5): The writer engine encountered error number one while trying to restore a copy of a dark volume. .VSS_E_LEGACY_PROVIDER .(0x800423F7): .This .device .provider version .does not .support .this .operation .type. VSS_E_MISSING_HIDDEN_VOLUME (0x800423F9): An expected hidden volume has not visited the system. See the application event log for more information. (0x800423FA): vss_e_missing_volume is not visible on the system. Check the application event log for more information. (0x800423FC): vss_e_dynamic_disk_error handling error on some dynamic disks involved in all cluster maintenance mode operations. Check the system event log for chaos related events and the application log for VSS related events. (0x8004232A): vss_e_uns selected_volume operation Requested will overwrite a large volume that is not explicitly protected. AdditionalSee the general application event log for more details. VSS_E_SNAPSHOT_NOT_IN_SET (0x8004232B): The shadow duplicate identifier was not found in the backup copy document components of the dark copy set. The operation is not supported. VSS_E_WRITEERERROR_PARTIAL_FAILURE (0x80042336):

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