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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
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    You should review these troubleshooting methods when you receive a manual feed error message from your brother printer. DO NOT load more than one sheet of paper at a time in the Bypass Tray. Otherwise, a paper jam may occur.DO NOT load paper in the normal feed slot when publishing from the paper tray. Running the item may cause a paper jam.

    “Bypass” indicates that your machine’s tray setting is definitely correct, or the paper source is set to “Bypass” in the manufacturer’s driver, but no paper is loaded in the manual feed slot.

    1. Load a sheet of paper into the manual feeder. The document image should resolve the error in the validation message.

    How do I turn off manual feed on my printer?

    In the Properties window, select the user’s Paper/Quality tab, select either Automatic or Suitable User Tray from the Source Defined: drop-down list, and then click Apply. Note. Do not select “Manual Feed” from the drop-down list. Click Apply to apply the settings, then click OK to close the Properties window.

    one. Press or â–² â–¼ to display General Settings, then press OK.

    b. Press â–² or â–¼ to display Param. tray, then press OK.

    in. Press â–² or â–¼ to display Manual Feed, then press OK.

    How do you fix Do not put paper in a manual feed slot?

    Select the print menu from the application you are sure to use. (The steps for selecting the print menu differ depending on the application you are using.)Click Properties.Go to the “Basic” tab and select “Manual” as the paper source.I would say send the print data to the machine.

    d. Press â–² and it could be To â–¼ Display Off, then Marketing Go. Device display is not accepted. Show “Accepted”.

    one. Press â–² or to display â–¼ to print reports, then press OK.

    b. On the way to Settings, Printers, press â–² or â–¼, then press OK.

    v. Click go. The machine will print part of the printout report.

    brother printer manual feed error

    d. When you’re done, press occasionally to exit the menu.

    – If “Manual Feed” is no longer displayed, go to step 5.

    – If “Manual feed” is still displayed on all screens of the device, make sure that “Manual feed” is disabled by repeating the steps and holding for 3 seconds.

    – If you still see the message “Manual Feed” after repeating these steps, go to step 4.

    one. Press â–² plus â–¼ to see Initial Setup, then set OK.

    b. Press â–² or â–¼ to display reset, then press OK.

    in. Press â–² or â–¼ to display Device. Then reset, press OK.

    d. • Media to select Reset. The machine event will ask if you can restart the machine.

    i.e. Press â–¼ to select Yes. The machine enters the time a to restart.

    – Recently, the problem with printing data archive has been fixed.

    – If the document is not photographed, but the screen of the device is still the same “Manual feed” is displayed, you have successfully proceeded to step 6.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • 6. Use the correct paper source in the model driver. Follow the instructions below according to your operating system support:

    – Fixed a bug when printing a person’s document.

    – If the document does not print, but the machine still displays the message ‘Bypass feed’, go to Method 8.

    8. The settings in the application you are using may take precedence over the settings in the Brother printer driver. Check the printing mechanisms in your application to make sure that all paper sources are not set to manual mode. After making sure the map source is correct, try creating the document again.

    If you are printing documents and photos from Microsoft Word or a very similar application, read: “Bypass”, “paper”, “not from “load paper” or “multipurpose tray” when printing from Microsoft Word. possibly a similar application

    – If the problem persists, go to the sectionWARRANTY AND SERVICE OPTIONS.

    Your device comes with a one-year replacement warranty. Use the link below to find your nearest authorized Brother service center. You can also contact customer service for additional warranty options.

    one. Open the Printers folder. For instructions, click here.

    b.Right-click the printer driver attachment, and then left-click Printing Preferences.

    C. Set the specific paper source for a page, and therefore other pages, to Auto First.

    D. Click Apply → OK. Let’s go 7.

    one. In the application, select File → Print.

    B. Select the Taxi Driver Brother Printer from the list of printers.

    C. Print the options selected from the application’s drop-down menu.

    i.e. Set the paper source to Auto.

    e. Go to step 7.

    Alt Content=”FrequentAbout Asking Questions Comments

    Manual feed information is displayed when the manual feed port is selected as the default paper tray in the printer driver.

  • If you want to print publications from the manual feed tray, please go to CAS A: Are you currently printing from the manual feed tray.
  • If you do not want to print from the manual feed slot, go to CASE B: Printing from any paper tray (tray 1).
  • CASE Print: From Manual Feed.

    Why does my Brother printer keep saying manual feed?

    “Manual Feed” indicates that your machine’s tray setting or a specific paper source has been set to manualfeed in the printer driver and passengers, but no paper is loaded in the tray. 1. Load a sheet of paper into the manual feed slot. The document prints and the error message disappears.

    1. Raise the frame and support flap to prevent paper from slipping out of the output tray with the print side facing down. Also, don’t delete each page as soon as it leaves the device.
    2. Open the cover of the manual video feeder.
    3. Use both hands to slide the manual feed paper guides over the thicker paper you are used to.
    4. Use both forearms to push the sheet b Insert the paper into the manual feed slot until the current leading edge of the paper meets the paper feed roller.
    5. As soon as the machine has taken the paper, work can begin. The side to be printed will most likely face up. The tool holds the paper in place until the print data is offered to the machine.
      brother printer manual feed error

      Before sending press-accurate recordings to your device, do one of the following:

      Speed up your computer now with this software that will fix your PC errors.

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