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    You may encounter an error code indicating the biography of a black cat anime character. There are several ways to solve this problem, so let’s look at them now. The best asset of a witch: a black cat. Kiki Jiji is just that. The next companion in her quest is a witch herself.

    black cat anime character bios

    A list of all the characters most important from the Manga and Black Cat anime series.

    Color code

    Main Characters

    Who is the main character in Black Cat anime?

    Train Heartnet (トレインハートネット Torein Hātonetto) is the main protagonist of the Black Cat manga and anime. Formerly Chronos’ eraser, he finally turned to the sweeping life and worked alongside Sven Wollfyd.


    Sweeper Alliance



    Chronos Numbers

    Staff Of Chronos

    Chronos Erasers

    Apostles With A Star

    Is Saya alive in Black Cat?

    Saya (ミナツキサヤ minatsuki Minatsuki becomes Saya) is a skilled janitor and friend on the train until she is killed during Creed Diskenth.

    The Black Cat Manga Show features characters created by Yabuki Kentaro. The story follows a young man named Train Hartnet who defected to a group of assassins who contacted Chronos Numbers two years ago and has now become a sweeper, also known as a bounty hunter. .Many stars are people of superhuman strength combined with supernatural powers and/or. The anime adaptation of Cat Black features characters that were not created by Yabuki, and just as many people who represent differences.

    The Main Characters

    Train The Heart

    Train Hartnet (ãƒˆãƒ¬ã‚¤ãƒ³ï¼ ãƒ ãƒ¼ãƒˆãƒ ãƒƒãƒˆ, HÄ torein tonetto), also known as the Black Cat (é »’猫, Kuro Neko), is the protagonist and another cleaner Sven works with. Train is a light and brave man who is very, very reliable with local weapons. Distinctive features of the 23-year-old parnia appear with a small bell attached to a necklace and a peculiar XIII tattoo on the left breast.[1]: 26   killer and number XIII in the group. He definitely has a lot of killer sets that he’s honed in a few days as and Chronos, a member that often gives him unexpected mood swings and goes from light-hearted to serious in an instant, especially when Creed is mentioned. This is due to the fact that he was orphaned at the age of 10 after Zagin’s killers killed Axeloke, his parents, took Train and taught him how to destroy effectively.[ch. 68] In the end, Zagin dies, telling Train that he must be the strongest in order to survive. After that, Karl got on the train and became the killer of Chronos. Train was killed and also subject to death since childhood, Train becomes very gloomy and smiles very early until he leaves Chronos. meets On Sayu, a carefree cleaner who slowly turns Train into a “stray cat” who doesn’t blindly follow orders. Decides that heHe won’t go out anymore, and that after Creed kills Saya, he will become a janitor and will look for him.

    He carries with him Aida (ムHÄ ãƒ¼ãƒ‡ã‚£ã‚¹, disu), a revolver made of black gold and therefore of orichalcum, which he believes weighed over 2.5 kg, with an engraved it with the number XIII. on the side and a red tassel on the arm that stretches like a leash.[1]: 26 [2 ] †: Š162–< /sup> He has 20/20 Vision[1]:–26–, and is generally hampered by a very experienced marksman, capable of firing multiple guns with greater accuracy[Ch. 36] and hits the board with multiple balls at the same time. Although he is certainly ambidexter, left-handed, of course; Using his own left hand increases his accuracy and speeds it up.[ch. 16] He can also launch several orbs into the air to speed him up into a giant Black Claw slam. It’s “, which translates to four large oblique marks. He can even use special projectiles designed by Sven, including an explosive bullet that gives you a lot of trouble, and projectiles that freeze or relax nastyikov. His weapon consists of the strongest external metal called orichalcum. which allows him to use weapons normally to deflect bullets and protect himself from further attacks. When his entire body is infested with nanomachines, he takes care to manipulate them to create energy. Zu Railgun.[Ch 111] However, it loses this ability after maxing out the final single shot in Creed’s Precise Battle p.185]

    Does train like Eve Black Cat?

    train the heart When they first met, Eve felt that Train was exactly what she imagined when it came to the “smell of blood” referring to her gun. So, after joining him with Sven, Eve begins to see Train as an adversary and tries to positively replace him as Sven’s partner, but ends up not caring anymore.

    Yabuki [The chapter chose the name “Train” because it gives him a complete picture of freight transport.[3] a janitor who lived the life of any delivery man. Also, he can try to turn Dao into his Te-chi, straight bullets fired from his gun, combined with the Taijitu symbol on it and a blade coming out of your dog barrel.[Ch. Stray Cat] Train won first place in all three competitions for the popularity of certain series.[4][5]

    O Takashi Speaks: Kondo (Japanese); Jason Liebrecht (English)[6]

    Voiced by: Takayama Minami (Japanese); Lucy Christian (English) (child)[6]


    Sven is a janitor and train partner. Functionally, the 30-year-old follows a strict code of chivalry: he has always treated women and children with respect and behaves very correctly.[1]: "46". /sup> He befriends Eve and is the first person who can treat a person the way she does, which actually leads to a very close father-wife relationship between the two. He is often tortured due to Train's wayward nature, and often gets himself into trouble and even into huge debts. Sven was able to invent and produce reliable weapons and various other equipment, including bombs and special projectiles. Initially, Sven's weapon of choice was a regular pistol, but after being destroyed, he invents the Attache's weapon case "su") a suitcase with a weapon hidden inside. It houses machine gun, integratedthis
    black cat anime character bios

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